Terrina's Wings CD

terrina's wingsTerrina's CD titled "Terrina's Wings" has been released. Listen to the track samples to the right.

$20.00 (plus s&h). Includes a $5.00 donation to the Tipitina's Foundation to buy instruments for the children in New Orleans schools. Email now to order.

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Many thanks to Spencer for his brilliance in putting this musical gumbo together. It was a fabulous adventure and I appreciate all those who contributed to it's success as well as all you listeners who without you . . . this would be just another round piece of plastic.

Howlin' for my Darlin'
(Howlin Wolf)
Andre Bohren's (of Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes fame) classic NOLA street beat carries this song. He and Annie Clements (of Sugarland fame) are truly the backbone of the entire collaboration!

Better Way
(Ben Harper)
I love the message in this song as I do of so much of Ben Harper's material. John Magnie's (of the Subdudes) fabulous accordion & Spencer Bohren's tasteful guitar & lap steel give this song the feel I was looking for.

Let's Make Love
(Marva Wright)
Cranston Clements (of Twangorama fame) contributed greatly to the humor in the studio, song arrangements and his guitar work along with Spencer's amazing and innovative WAH WAH Lap Steel add to the sultry and unusual effect of the song.

Wild Women Don't Have The Blues
(Ida Cox)
Amasa Miller's awesome skill gives his piano the 'Old Timey Saloon" feel needed for this song. We nailed this one on the first take.

Always on the Run
(Lenny Kravitz)
Cranston totally ROCKS this song, encouraging it to break loose!

Give Me One Reason
(Tracy Chapman)
Marc Adams, who can be seen playing all over the Crescent City, tasty organ sounds with Spencer's Lap Steel contributed to the edgy feel of this song.

Come On Into My Kitchen
(Robert Johnson)
Thanks to Spender's vision and his National Steel Guitar work, we are transported to a small front porch stoop at the end of a very long day, looking or comfort.

Stormy Monday
(T-Bone Walker)
One of the executive producer's favorites. Dave Malone's (of The Radiators fame) killer lead guitar and John Magnie did their best to make this classic blues number, different from any other version. Listen closely to John's piano solo, my personal favorite, as it reaches the depths of my soul.

Shaky Ground
(Brenda Russell)
This song is all about the bottom end and Andre and Annie hold it down as Cranny's lead and Marc's keyboard make me wanna dance all over the kitchen... while I'm cooking up some fried Catfish of course.

Nothing But The Water
(Grace Potter and the Nocturnals)
Spencer's specialty, simple and classic with a little ominous feel mixed in.

Wings Of An Angel
(Spencer Bohren)
I knew I finally made the grade when Spencer got tears in his eyes as we recorded his song. It was a magical moment and many say this is their favorite song on the CD.

Mineville Sessions


This is Seth Riddle, my son, co-writer, drummer and bassist for the Mineville project.

Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, the recordings you are about to listen to will transport you. The brilliance of the arrangements, the intricacies of the tempos, the snap of the snare, the unique combination of driving rock beats . The dynamics, gifted layering and careful building to uphold the emotions behind the lyrics. The unexpected changes between distinct styles like in "New Kid" where the classical orchestra changes to hard driven Rock guitar, will keep you on your toes throughout. The range of guitar sounds moving from screamin southern rock in "Front Porch" to the smooth and languid water-like portrayal in "Bad ol Moon", the weaving of the lead guitar work in and out of the body of the songs. All I can say I now is . . . WOW . . . you'll see . . . .

When my son Seth and my nephew Brian approached me about doing a musical project together, I was ecstatic. Let me expand on that, I was thrilled!! I had just completed my first CD in New Orleans, and had lots of lyrics rattling around in my brain, that I didn't know what to do with. We had never tried co-writing before, but knowing their phenomenal creativity and musical talents, I decided to go for it. We met in Brian's home, location of his recording studio "Unearthed Studio" deep in the woods of Mineville, NY which lies in the heart of the Adirondack Park in northern New York state. Both Brian and Seth have been playing music all their lives, Brian primarily guitar and he's one hot guitarist ya'll. Seth, primarily drums and he's been holding down a steady beat since age 3. Amazing to me, they both can play almost anything between them. Their collective talent is awe inspiring, especially to someone like me who only has a voice to work with. My reliance on other musicians totally affects my attitude about music needing to be a collaborative event. I am ever thankful for all those musicians who helped out along the way. Thanks to technology you all get to share my experience.

During the songwriting stage, Brian has a seemingly endless source of musical ideas, he and Seth played off each other like a well oiled machine. Once they had the instrumental parts generally in place, I looked for lyrics in my collection that fit/matched. From there, the tune for the lyrics emerged and with a little tweeking, a song was born. We had limited time together, so three songs found their way to the recording level. With Brian's fine production work, we baked a fine cake and his mixing skills put the icing on it. I am so proud of the result and the fact that it was a family affair really warms my heart. These fine young men have natural talent and I would be privileged to work with them again. I hope that can happen very soon. Thanks guys for encouraging your aunt/mama to experiment with music and create some truly emotionally expressive songs with stories that represent my life in an honest and heartfelt way.

This is Brian Rotella, co-writer, producer and guitarist of our project in Mineville. He is owner/operator of Unearthed Studios.

"Front Porch" The lyrics for this song came to me while sitting on the front porch stoop of my new home in NOLA for the very first time. It really sounds like north meets south to me. Brian brought a deep south swamp feel to the music that I truly love. It is my most requested original song! It's gonna ROCK your world folks. Take a listen and see what you think, comments are welcome.

"Always the New Kid" Tells the story of a childhood experience. Coming from a nomadic family & telling how people treated me as the 'new kid' entering their world. Very strong guitar leads mixed with classic orchestra type sounds, the song exudes the emotion of the experience of non-acceptance.

"Bad Ol Moon" Yes, another song about the moon & how it dramatically affects us all. A little eerie with powerful harmonies that add to the mix. My other instrument . . . 'harmonies' ;.))

Thanks again for listening, I think you're really going to enjoy this ride! Much love to all you fans, Terrina

Terrina Russell-Cook © 2012